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Malware!  (Bad stuff)

Malware includes Viruses, Trojans, Adware, or any other software which is designed to damage or destroy your data, hijack your personal information, or otherwise cause you problems with your PC.  One of the most destructive is called ransomware .  This is a component which gains control of your file system and corrupts (or maliciously encrypts) some of your files.   Then a popup will demand that you pay money to get your data restored.  This is a scam.   If you pay, you will lose your money and your data.  Your only option if this happens to you, is to have a good off-line backup.  If you have your files copied to a removable usb drive (which is always connected) they will likely also be compromised.  Having a backup created by a backup utility, which compresses the files, is a better option. The best option is to have your backups accessible only when needed.


Some anti-virus software offers software blockers to prevent the execution of these programs.  PC Matic is one example.  Not only does it offer virus protectionl, has a very good tune-up component.  Kaspersky is another excellent anti-virus program.  There are others including McAfee, Norton, and many others which are mostly adequate, but none are perfect.